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From Safety to Support: The Benefits of Keeping Others Updated on Your Travels

Updated: Jun 12


Before heading out for your adventure, it's crucial to inform others about your plans to ensure your safety and provide peace of mind for those who care about you. Here are some detailed steps to take:

  1. Share Your Itinerary: Provide a detailed copy of your map, itinerary, and trip details to a trusted friend or family member. Include information such as the specific location of your photo session, planned routes, and any alternate destinations in case of unexpected changes.

  2. Contact Information: Ensure that your trusted contact has the phone numbers of all participants in the session, including your photographer. This way, they can reach out to you or your photographer if they need to check in or if any issues arise.

  3. Estimated Timeline: Communicate your estimated start and end times for the session, including any planned breaks or extended activities. Let your contact know when you expect to return or reach a certain point so they can monitor your progress.

  4. Emergency Plan: Discuss an emergency plan with your contact, outlining what steps they should take if they do not hear from you by a certain time. Provide them with the contact information for local authorities or park rangers in the area you'll be visiting.

  5. Check-In Points: Arrange regular check-in points throughout your session. This could be a quick text or call at pre-determined intervals to update your contact on your status and reassure them of your safety.

  6. Weather and Terrain: Inform your contact about the expected weather conditions and terrain you'll be navigating. This helps them understand the context of your trip and be more prepared in case they need to assist or inform authorities.

Final Thoughts: By informing others of your whereabouts and providing detailed trip information, you ensure an added layer of safety and support during your session. This proactive approach not only offers peace of mind to your loved ones but also ensures that you have a reliable safety net in place. Remember, sharing your plans is a simple yet crucial step in enjoying a safe and stress-free experience in the great outdoors.

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