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Lens Choices: Why Opting Out of Transitional Glasses Enhances Your Portrait Sessions

Updated: Jun 12


When selecting eyewear for your photos, it's important to consider how your glasses will impact the visibility of your eyes in the images. Here's why you may want to avoid transitional eyeglasses and opt for contact lenses or traditional frames instead:

  1. Visibility in Photos: Transitional eyeglasses, also known as photochromic or light-adaptive lenses, darken in response to sunlight exposure. While these lenses offer convenience and protection from UV rays outdoors, they can pose challenges for photography by obscuring your eyes in certain lighting conditions. The lenses may darken unpredictably, resulting in shadows or reflections that detract from the clarity and expression of your eyes in photos.

  2. Consistency and Clarity: Contact lenses or traditional eyeglasses offer greater consistency and clarity in photos, allowing your eyes to be clearly visible without interference from darkened lenses. This ensures that your eyes remain a focal point of your portraits, conveying emotion, connection, and personality effectively.

  3. Avoiding Distractions: By opting for contact lenses or traditional frames, you can minimize distractions and ensure that your eyewear complements rather than detracts from your overall appearance in photos. Avoiding transitional lenses eliminates the risk of unexpected changes in lens tint or visibility issues that may detract from the quality of your images.

  4. Personal Comfort and Confidence: Ultimately, your choice of eyewear should prioritize personal comfort and confidence during your session. If you feel more comfortable and self-assured wearing contact lenses or traditional glasses, you'll be able to relax and enjoy the experience of being photographed, resulting in more natural and authentic images that reflect your true selves as a couple.

Final Thoughts:

When preparing for your engagement or elopement session, consider whether transitional eyeglasses are the best choice for achieving optimal visibility and clarity in your photos. Discuss your preferences with your photographer and weigh the pros and cons of different eyewear options to ensure that your photos capture the essence of your love and connection with uncompromised clarity and expression. With thoughtful consideration and careful planning, you can choose eyewear that enhances your appearance and ensures stunning results in your portraits.

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